Colic Symptoms - What is it?

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Colic is a common ailment. Despite its frequency it remains a poorly understood condition, affecting up to one in five babies and is very distressing for both baby and parent, which can have a huge impact on the family life!

A common way of characterising colic symptoms is the ‘rule of three’. The signs of colic are defined as crying for at least:

  • Three hours a day
  • Three days a week
  • Three weeks’ duration.

Babies tend to clench their fists, draw their knees up to their tummy and arch their back due to severe pain in the abdomen. The symptoms occurs mainly late afternoon or evening.

Interestingly colic occurs equally amongst boys and girls and in babies who are breast and bottle fed.

78% of Healthcare Professionals agree that the most common cause of colic in young babies is caused by digestive or feeding problems, including swallowing air/trapped wind.

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